Special sessions

Heterodocsies. Presentation

Lois PatiñoThe Spanish artist, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, is the star of the space that Punto de Vista dedicates to the least widespread films of our past. His film, La celosía, will be screened at a special Heterodocsias session and the artist will give a talk on his vision of the film industry and art in general.

Foto cedida por El País. © Claudio Álvarez


Heterodocsies. Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

Isidoro Valcárcel MedinaConsidered as one of the pioneers of conceptual art in our country, the work of Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (Murcia, 1937) is characterised by the rebellion and the proposition of social events that disrupt daily evolution. His art is more related with situations and reality than with the production of objects. On various occasions, the tale exceeds the work or represents the work itself, leading to a lack of material aspects or filing in several of his actions. Therefore, elements such as playing, movement or luck are constant in his career.  Valcárcel Medina constantly repeated: “The hard thing is being in the world and not making a work of art”.

The happy solitude of the singing oenologist and ethnologist

Isidoro Valcárcel MedinaComposition (of place) in five movements to inhabit Otar Iosseliani’s films

By Carlos Reviriego

Otar Iosseliani. Biography

Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

After graduating from the Moscow Film School, the filmmaker, Otar Davidovich Iosseliani (Tbilisi, Georgia, 1934), learnt the job as an assistant director and then as an editor of documentaries at the Gruzija Film studios in Georgia before producing his own short films: Akvarel (1958) and Song About a Flower (1959). His third film, April (1962), was censored by the Soviet authorities. He worked as a sailor and as a factory worker for a time.


Otar Iosseliani. Argazkia: Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Closing session. John y Gena

Isidoro Valcárcel MedinaThe filmmaker from Navarra, Itsaso Arana will put the finishing touch to the ninth edition of the Navarra Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival on Sunday 15th February. Her film, John y Gena, will be screened at this session and the director will make a live speech about the film.


Special Sessions includes the filmslas La celosía, by Isidoro Vlacárcel Medina, No escribiré arte con mayúscula, by Luis Deltell y Migúel Álvarez-Fernández; Son About a Flower, Cast Iron, A Little Monastery in Tuscany, Georginan Ancient Songs, And Then There Was Light; by Otar Iosseliani; John y Gena, by Itsaso Arana.

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