Special sessions

Michael Snow

Michael Snow was born in Toronto in 1928. His internationally active practice includes work in sculpture, painting, photography, holography, installation, bookworks, video, film, music and has completed several public commissions. His films are in the collections of several film archives, including Anthology Film Archives in New York City. Snow has received numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship (1972) the Order of Canada (Officer, 1982; Companion, 2007), and the first Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts (2000) for cinema. Snow was made a Chevalier de l'ordre des arts et des lettres, France (1995)

Tribute to Pio Caro Baroja

“Only the autumn mists that cover the high peaks will be the same today as they were yesterday, and the same tomorrow as they were today”. Navarra Cuatro Estaciones, by Pío Caro Baroja.

The programme about time could not miss out on a golden opportunity, a triple celebration of time and a way of bringing this subject closer to Navarre. Firstly, with this final session, we will be paying tribute to the recently deceased Pío Caro Baroja, one of the most eminent ethnographic documentary filmmakers with close links our landscapes and traditions. Secondly, it is also a wonderful opportunity, by way of an epilogue to this Ten years older edition, to show two chapters from his film Navarra Cuatro estaciones, undoubtedly the most closely linked with the passing of time, along with a previously unseen interview with the author. And finally, chiming with our theme of time, back in 2005, the first edition of Punto de Vista dedicated a special programme to his work. And so, a decade on, by focusing our attention back on him, we are pausing once again back at our point of departure, as an ingenuous yet firm demonstration that the passing of time can be more circular than we might think, and that the autumn mists, as he himself pointed out, are immortal and eternal.

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