Oteiza and the moon

Final session devoted to Oteiza and which combines the Basque artist with this year’s theme of the festival, flight, through images and theatre. Oteiza in flesh and blood will reveal his theories on flight faced with a winged animal in the depths of a cave that is reminiscent of the sky or in his ideas of a cemetery like an empty airport. Oteiza spoke of flight a lot and wrote various poems like the beautiful I know I will fly. As the poet, Carlos Aurtenetxe, said “In Oteiza, everything falls, even flight”. The final culmination of this flight without a destination is the moon. Bil Argi for pre-Indo-European studies which Jorge Oteiza said was not the light of the dead as in today’s Basque, il argi, but a more cinematographic moon, bil argi, translated as light that moves and fades away, a fugitive moon like the one we will see next after this gala in the final film: Our Century by Artavazd Pelechian. The Basque artist and the Armenian filmmaker are united in the flight towards the unknown.

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