Five faces or five profiles, perhaps it is better to say five outlooks that are presented here in this proposal to discuss meta-cinema on the personal side: when the filmmaker is filmed instead of doing the filming. Hunter hunted is the expression for this shot when the director of the film inadvertently creeps into the background of an image in a filming oversight. There are fetishists who collect them. Here, beyond the background and fetishism, the portraitists of these five figures are looking for them to be the close-up that reveals details that are blurred in the distance.

Why five? Why these five? It is our job as programmers to detect tendencies and the documentaries that are presented here are mainly works that have just been produced, like five works that together make up a recent family, with their similarities and differences.  They coincide with other works from these years, such as a film portrait of David Lynch, another of Jonas Mekas or a posthumous one of Chantal Akerman… but unfortunately, not everything fits in our Rushmore rock of film and those present here make up a good set to study and debate on film and ways of making film.

How do you film a filmmaker? Is it enough to make a portrait using his own way of making film?  Or will it be risky?  Is being close, or in other words, so that the portraitist recognises him/herself or more distant an advantage or does it raise shortcomings? Do all of the films define their filmmakers? How is the photo album of someone who is normally on the other side of the camera organised?

All of these questions will be revealed in these five proposals of Hunter Hunted, which does declare the common passion of these five maestros to tell stories through images. None of them can do without filming, and in this, they are unrepeatable and unique, five filmmakers of our times, five filmmakers whose story is told.

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