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Tribute to Luce Vigo


The eleventh edition of Punto de Vista will kick off on 6th March with the sad news of the recent death of Luce Vigo in the retina. The daughter of the great filmmaker Jean Vigo, who gave the festival its name based on his concept of the “documented point of view”, has been the godmother of Punto de Vista since its birth in 2005. The news has been received with much sorrow by the festival in a week in which Luce Vigo continued active, working with the Navarra festival from Paris. Ana Herrera, the current Minister for Culture of Navarra and executive director of Punto de Vista until two editions ago, remembers her “as a strong, resilient, affectionate and loyal person; who gave us her friendship and support from the very first edition and gave us the best gift of all”. 

Alain Fleischer: Two portraits

In one of his photographic series, the filmmaker, photographer and writer, Alain Fleischer (Paris, 1944) composes a play on reflections that multiply a portrait: he takes a Polaroid shot of a model, leaves the image to appear, and photographs the model again reflected in the frame of the first photograph. With this, he shows an expanded portrait: a portrait that captures time, working unnoticeably on the woman’s face, with a difference of just a few seconds. “Photography is no longer an instant captured from the real, it is the real in a fiction of time”.

Chez les basques

Embossed landscape and lost voices

A new milestone and two discoveries make up this session of a programme that has become a classic in our film gatherings: At the Basque Home or Chez les Basques. What started out as a retrospective in an isolated year, devoted to the films made by visiting filmmakers in the French Basque Country, has become a continuum in time. We are forced, as programmers, to take it up again at a time when some new jewels appear which keep adding to the historic heritage of film that visits us at home.

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