DOKBIZIA interdisciplinary gathering which seeks to provoke the crossroads between languages and ar- tists who work with what is real. This programme, which addresses documentary film on and off screen, offers an itinerary with diverse formats: screenings, performative conferences, scenic and site-specific pieces, performance that includes the presence of filmmakers, visual artists, writers and performers.

Contemporary practices are increasingly impure in their formal approach to working with reality. DOK- BIZIA seeks to invite practices and speeches from other fields, which otherwise would not meet, to exchange, reflect and experience what is real from different angles.

DOKBIZIA will have a central theme each year and in this edition it has the subheading: GIVE ME A BODY THEN, a conceptual premise on which the programme is built. Gilles Deleuze wrote: “The body is no longer an obstacle that separates thought from itself, that which it has to overcome to reach thinking. It is on the contrary that which it plunges into or must plunge into in
order to reach the unthought, that is life. Not that the body thinks, but, obstinate and stubborn, it forces us to think, and forces us to think what is concealed from thought, life”.

Based on this text, we will reflect and experience diverse ways of putting the body into the moving image, different policies and aesthetics whereby this is the way to reach what is real. At DOKBIZIA, film takes shape -“Things said once” by Esperanza Collado or “Trilogy of private property”At DOKBIZIA, film takes shape with “Things said once” by Esperanza Collado and “Trilogy of private property” by Nico Pereda; walks and is built individually and jointly through “Nature and its tremor” by Societat Dr. Alonso, “Tijuana” by Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol and “Avalanche” by Carlos Casas; reflects on the representation of the body with conferences on Ama lur (Native Land) and the screening of the “Body and Soul” programme; studies the politics of women’s bodies with the master-classes by Trinh Minh-ha and Marta Selva; and invites us to discard our bodies in a multi-sensorial experience through a full dome screening of the “I am amazed at the sky whatever its appearance” programme at the Planetarium, the listening of LEVE and a special programme by José Antonio Sistiaga and Stan Brakhage.

DOKBIZIA is a path to be travelled with a desire to be amazed, with an open attitude and willingness to allow oneself to be affected by all its layers and folds. This is the game.

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