La venganza de lo real

The Lagartijas tiradas al sol (Mexico) group, which works to create narrations based on what is real, will build a laboratory of ideas in Pamplona and Vitoria-Gasteiz to discern where fiction begins and reality ends. Under the name of Venganza de lo Real (Revenge of what is real), the group will offer a space in line with its way of working: “a place that has nothing to do with entertainment, a place to think, consider, displace and unravel what everyday practice fuses, overlooks and presents to us as given. Things are what they are, but they may also be different”.

Lagartijas al Sol is a group of artists who started working together in 2003 through Luisa Pardo (actress, director and producer) and Gabino Rodríguez (actor and director). Since then, they have worked on the development of projects that try to link work and life, to erase borders. They write books, do radio, make videos and are immersed in educational processes.

In this laboratory for endless dissertation, questions will be asked, but those attending will have to seek and find the answers: “What are the limits between (auto)biographical and fictional? When do they overlap? When does the personal become shared and vice versa? How does a journalistic account, a subjective chronicle, differ from a scenic written proposal based on what is "real"? Is the I on which this type of proposal is based always the author, or can there be other alterities that provide their voice to build the account?”

Registration for the course begins on Friday 26th January and is open to those interested in scenic creation and projects related to the social, political, biographical, community sphere, etc. The laboratory will take place in three different locations (Baluarte, Azala and Artium). Participants can attend just to the session in Pamplona, AZALA and Artium, or they can also attend all sessions. (8-16 March, 2018). 


  • 8th, 9th and 10th March: at Punto de Vista from 4pm to 8pm (Baluarte Pamplona)
  • 11th, 12th and 13th March: intensive at AZALA (Lasierra, Alava)
  • 14th, 15th and 16th March: intensive at ARTIUM (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

For further information and registration, contacts: and

The project is presented in collaboration with the live performing arts programme, PROKLAMA, and organised by AZALA and the Basque Contemporary Art Centre-Museum, Artium and dFeria.


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