Trinh T. Minh-ha is a filmmaker, composer, writer, poet, literary critic, professor… but, above all, she is a ground-breaking artist who has revolutionised the traditional discourse of cinema and transformed the way documentary films are made.  Antonio Zirión -Professor of anthropology, photographer and documentary filmmaker- defined her to a T: ‘she radically breaks the rules of cinematic language and upsets all the conventions of documentary film, prompting us at the same time to take a deep questioning look at the meaning of the anthropological viewpoint and the classical ways other cultures are visually represented.’ 

The filmmaker will present her latest book, give a lecture and screen three of the most important films of her career.  

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Lecture: The Everyday Interval of Resistance

The everyday can be dangerously creative. It is difficult to show and pin down, because everyday happenings allow no hold and almost no control.

“What is it that makes both talks and silences stained with shame? Sometimes the mind freezes and the heart goes on fasting: name, nation, identity, citizenship disappear. With every step, the world comes to the walker, and all around, on the immense screen of life, every event speaks.” The spirit of everyday walk leads her to a whole tradition of independent walkers in ancient Asia, at the same time as it provides her with a link to struggles around the world, more specifically to the transnational struggles of women in the U.S., Argentina, Mexico, and China.

Lecture: The Everyday Interval of Resistance

Presentation: Lovedical. Walking with The Disappeared

Presentation of Lovecidal. Walking with The Disappeared, the latest book by filmmaker, composer, writer, literary critic and professor Trinh T. Minh-ha. The presentation will be hosted by Trinh T. Minh-ha.

Wednesday, March 7yth. 5:00 PM at Katakrak bookstore.

Presentation: Lovedical. Walking with The Disappeared
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