Niño de Elche

Francisco Contreras Molina (Elche, 1985), aka ’Niño de Elche’, is a multidisciplinary artist who is recognised as one of the main renovators of contemporary flamenco. A versatile and unclassifiable creator, he has blended musical genres such as flamenco, jazz or electronic music. He has released five discs: Mis primeros llantos (2007), Sí, a Miguel Hernández (2013), Voces del extremo (2015), Calle de Arriba, 73 (2015) and Antología del cante flamenco heterodoxo (2018), and has also participated in the soundtracks of the films Carmina y Amén (2014) and Vivir y otras ficciones (2016). He has also worked in a range of artistic expressions, among them performance, poetry, dance or audiovisuals.

The airs carry lies

Solemn Flamenco song, long song, the song belongs to someone, rough voice, sharp voice, a voice like this, hoarse rooster, sing the voice, argumentative voice, ideal voice, the song is written with mistakes, a personal song?, in spelling, the monkey sings by memory, song within rights, oral voice, own voice?, imaginary voice, paint the voice, defoliate the voice, angry voice, trusting voice, spiritual voice, voice with a tale to tell, bastard song, formal song, gifted song , stolen voice, ghostly song, spectral voice,  rubbish song or real song, stand out , common voice?, fiery song, physical voice, spatial voice, thoughtful voice, reflective voice, light-hearted short song - male or female singer, voice without talking, unique voice?, sing without using your mouth, truthfully deceitful voice.

Or as the copla states:

“The airs carry lies and telling lies is just like breathing”.

Niño de Elche Niño de Elche
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