Xabier Erkizia

Xabier Erkizia (Lesaka, 1975) is a sound researcher, producer and artist. He works in the field of the culture of listening, as a freelance researcher and in collaboration with many institutions, groups and artists. He composes music, researches the sound landscape and creates installations, radiophonic works and sound design for films. He is one of the organisers of the ERTZ event (1999-2018), coordinated the sound department at the Arteleku centre (2002-2014) and has curated various exhibitions and programmes. His work has been presented in countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. He is a member of the AUDIOLAB association.



Blind, childish, fantastic, cosmic, melted, multiplied, diluted, whispered, amplified, masked, projected, muted, crushed, domestic, shouted, enlightened, reasoned, hackneyed, vibrant, agitated, rattled, radiated, excited, recreated, hit, cut, worn down, silent... The main bases of theories of communication rest on the voice and are built from words. The spoken, vocalised and reasoned voice is the centre around which all ideas of understanding revolve, the place where the meaning lies. The rest run the risk of falling into the fog called noise, of being relegated to mere interference. So it is worth asking about the right of noise. About its primitive absence of meaning, its ultimate origin, its innate existence. Noise that was actually always there, before we were. Before voices sprang from throats.

Films and audios:

Flux film 29: Word Movie. Paul Sharits. 1966. Film transfer digital. 3’50’’

Adèle et Hadrien: 2ème cahier: L’île au trésor dans les jardins D’été. Lionel Marchetti. 2007. Audio. 6’22’’

Echos. Beatriz Ferreyra.  1978. Audio. 8’ 38’’

horse nyc 2. Alessandro Bossetti. 2016. Audio. 12’ 18’’

In the. Audrey Chen. 2018. Audio. 10’

Bat bitan igandea drags. Alex Mendizabal. 1997. Audio. 3’ 39’’ 

Daguerros sound for Bruces film. Alex Mendizabal. 1997. Audio. 6’

Drags igandea batbitan. Alex Mendizabal. 1997. Audio. 3’ 39’’

Island Song. Charlemagne Palestine. Film tranfer digital. 1976. 16’

The Radio. Steve Roden. 1999. Audio. 18’ 41’’

Xabier Erkizia Xabier Erkizia
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