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Twenty-three films from 15 countries make up the Official Selection of the fourteenth edition of Punto de Vista Festival, which will be held in Pamplona between 2-7 March 2020. Of the 23, five are feature-length and eighteen are shorts, selected among over 1,000 submitted films. 

The countries of origin of the selected films are: United States, Belgium, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Tunisia, Argentina, Egypt, United Kingdom, Spain, Colombia, Lebanon, Syria and Kurdistan. In 10 programmes, the Official Selection presents films that explore the wide range of contemporary and avant-garde audiovisual languages, with a great variety of themes. Some of the explorations and recurrent themes are the search for one’s origins and identity by young filmmakers who reconstruct their family history, feminist voices from the generational and creative shift, and reflections on material inheritance and conservationist demands with a feminist perspective, with particular emphasis on the observation of the times and dynamics of the world of nature.

Great names of contemporary filmmaking will be present in the Official Selection: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Ben Rivers, Éric Baudelaire, Lynne Sachs, Ana Vaz and Laura Huertas Millán, among others. The Official Selection has been programmed by Nuria Cubas, Matías Piñeiro, María Palacios Cruz, Miguel Zozaya and Garbiñe Ortega.

3 films are world premieres, 2 are international premieres (i.e. the first time that the film is screened outside its country of origin) and 12 are Spanish premieres, confirming Punto de Vista as an unmissable event for non-fiction cinema at national and international level.




“In these pieces, I was trying to explore contemplation of the night sea as transition into dream. The idea was based on some video installations I made last year in which I distorted the image with crystals and prisms to achieve a greater degree of abstraction, which made it more unreal. My intention is to convey an eerie, dreamlike sensation, between wakefulness and sleep, where the image of the distant sea rocking us merges in with that of the dream until it makes us fall asleep." Lois Patiño

Lois Patiño
Lois Patiño (Vigo, 1983) combined his psychology studies at the Complutense University of Madrid with film studies at TAI University of the Arts Madrid. He then studied Film at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) and a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary Film at the Pompeu Fabra University. He has taken courses on video creation at the Berlin University of the Arts and attended workshops with artists and filmmakers such as Joan Jonas, Pedro Costa, Victor Erice, José Luis Guerin and Daniel Canogar. His videos and video installations have been shown at international art centres and his films have been screened in Locarno, New York Film,Rotterdam, BAFICI and Oberhausen, among others.



The image that will represent this edition of Punto de Vista revolves around the oceanic idea that runs through part of the programming. The artist Dani Sanchis has created this image and designed three posters for the Festival. In the three posters we have blue as the driving colour, the deconstructed and agitated ocean, and fragmented natural beauty as the image's conceptual elements, inviting us to see beyond what is immediately clear.

Dani Sanchis (Dénia, 1976) founded his independent design, graphic communication and illustration studio in 2002, specialising in the design of posters, books, corporate identities, graphic communication, branding, websites, illustration and collage. Most of his projects are related to the field of culture (film, publishing and press), but he also does work for commercial brands. His chief premises are: coherence, functionality, thorough attention to detail and social responsibility. He understands visual language as an essential and inexhaustible medium of communication. Sanchis bases his life on walking, observing, finding, studying and creating or deciding not to create, as a means of resistance. He combines his work as a graphic designer with that of a visual artist, essentially developing the techniques of collage and assemblage.

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