Las no-ficciones del oído

Session with Xabier Erkizia, a musician, producer and sound artist, whose work focuses on research and curiosity for any creation that involves listening and sound.

Roomtone is the name given to those silent recordings that sound recordists record on location for film shoots, especially when they take place in closed spaces. In these recordings, nothing seems to be happening. There are no actors, no voices, no actions. The air of the place is recorded, an air that is necessary so that the sound fiction that will be constructed in the editing is credible. What we would commonly call background noise is nothing more than the breath of fiction, the silent noise of cinema, the whisper that serves to understand all the spoils and jewels hidden behind the most insignificant noises of our cinematographic memory.

Xabier Erkizia is a musician, producer and sound artist, and his work focuses on research and curiosity for any creation that involves listening and sound. His works mainly take the form of installations, phonographic, radio and audiovisual works, written essays and soundtracks for audiovisual works for which he has received international awards.

Las no-ficciones del oído Las no-ficciones del oído
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