The World Wide Tuning Meditation (2007) is offered in the spirit of bringing many people together through sharing a simple way of sounding and listening together. Sounding in the way proposed is open to all regardless of experience. Language is not a barrier as there are no words—only vowel sounds that are common to all. Through following the instructions given below there will at first be clouds or clusters of sounds. Eventually the clouds and clusters transform into harmonies with common tones moving through the sound field as tuning takes place on many levels actually and metaphorically.*



Garbiñe Ortega, Artistic Director of Punto de Vista, came up with the idea of creating a collective audiovisual project in which several filmmakers would make a filmed letter addressed to another filmmaker they did not know personally and who was as far as possible from their own cinema. This is how “The Letters that Weren’t and Also Are” was born. Beatrice Gibson, Nicolás Pereda, Deborah Stratman, Lynne Sachs, Raya Martin, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Alejo Moguillansky and Diana Toucedo make this collection of ten short films that find a new dimension when shown together. Their filmed letters are addressed to people as diverse as Jean Vigo, Wes Craven, Chantal Akerman, Chick Strand, Michelangelo Antonioni, Danièle Huillet, Barbara Loden, Nina Menkes, Bette Gordon or Nancy Holt among others. The result is an exciting journey through their affinities, their admiration and their creative processes.



*Pauline Oliveros’ (1932-2016) life as a composer, performer and humanitarian was founded on opening her own and others’ sensibilities to the universe of sound. In the 1960s she had a profound influence on American music through her work with improvisation, meditation, electronic music, myth and ritual. She founded the practice of Deep Listening®, which she described as a way of listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what you are doing. Such intense listening includes the sounds of daily life, nature, thoughts and musical sounds. She is interested in communication among all forms of life, through Sonic Energy. She is especially interested in the “healing power of Sonic Energy and its transmission within groups.”* Her creative work is currently disseminated through Pauline Oliveros Publications and Ministry of Maåt (

*Reference taken from one of his seminal works: Sonic Meditations (1974).


Ximena Alarcón is a sound artist and researcher interested in listening to sonic migrations. She studied with Pauline Oliveros, and her collaborators IONE and Heloise Gold, the practice of Deep Listening® and was certified to teach it in 2012. She has accumulated thirteen years of postdoctoral artistic experience listening to underground urban journeys in Sounding Underground, and interrelating dreams and telematic sound improvisation in Networked Migrations. Alarcón is interested in the healing that deep, relational listening allows for in the face of feelings of geographical and cultural dislocation. In her project INTIMAL: Interfaces for Relational Listening she interconnects people through sound improvisation—with voice, word and body movement—exploring together memories, feelings of place and presence in their migratory journeys (

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