Acciones para la pantalla. Bruno Delgado Ramo + Paula Guerrero + Esperanza Collado + Javier Montero / Las Synergys


“The rectangle was here before we came, and it will be here after we have gone. So it seems that a film is, first, a confined space, at which you and I, we, a great many people, are staring.”
(Hollis Frampton)

But were the light reflected on our faces to come from a window, and the image projected parallel to it were to be lost in the sunlight of the landscape, were the film to have been sustained in time for a week or so, and we found ourselves there, observing, waiting, what form would the absence of the screen then take? We think of the missing rectangle, and yet, from our empirical location and experience, we always saw a trapezoid, many trapezoids, all different, and each person, at each instant, had ours.

Starting up the screen, giving it certain autonomy, could help us confirm the proposition that Isidoro Valcárcel Medina expounds in 9 secuencias sobre la pantalla: projection as servant of the support on which it rests. In the projection environment, the audience’s level of attention fluctuates and is nuanced according to different environmental parameters while some specific elements are maintained, favouring attention as a shared gesture, a filmic gesture. Kidnapping the screen would undoubtedly disrupt attention, but what if the state of confusion and the need to search for a support for the light brings back that shared gesture?

Bruno Delgado Ramo approaches his interdisciplinary work as investigations based on the experimental, material and spatial practice of cinematographic media in which the ideas of specificity, procedure or spatial reading are important, leading him to see filming and projection as light processes at specific locations in specific contexts. This time, he has prepared Acciones para la pantalla with Paula Guerrero, Esperanza Collado and Javier Montero as the group Las Synergys. The idea was devised with the participation of the Gabinete kino~okno project, which the group develops in Espacio Santa Clara in Seville, with which it shares its inquiry into the connections between the window and cinema.

With the support of Ayudas Creación Injuve.

Film programme

We are screening this film programme as part of the actions which make up the intervention at the Museo Jorge Oteiza.

Film programme
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