Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon

The forthcoming Punto de Vista festival is to be a family-friendly event thanks to the creation of the Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon. This means the festival will have a place for children between six months and twelve years old, open to both accredited atendees and the general public on 17th, 18th and 19th March. This initiative, set up jointly with CIMA, the association of women film-makers and audiovisual media), ICAA and the Parenting at Film Festivals group, will be run by Ludoteka Zorionak Kids & Party.

LUDOTEKA ZORIONAK will be running the activity at the Punto de Vista DayCare for the Punto de Vista Festival.

  • Venue: Sala Luneta Baluarte – Punto de Vista Festival, Pamplona (Navarre)
  • Date: March 17-19th
  • Opening hours:
    • Thursday 17 – From 11:30 to 21:00
    • Friday 18 – From 11:30 to 20:30
    • Saturday 19 – From 10:00 to 19:30
  • Ages: From 6 month babies to 12-year-old children.
  • Feeding & cleaning habits: Each child needs to bring a bag with his/her meals, cuclery, cup or baby bottle, bibs, dummy or cuddly toy, a complete change of clothing, diapers, beed sheets, a small blanket and a pillow.
  • Number of kids: 15 kids. Maximum of 6 consecutive hours per day, so booking in advance is kindly requested.
  • Sales: Advance sales online, or from Thursday 17 March at the Festival Accreditation desk.
  • Fees:
    • Three days pass: €20
    • Day pass (max 6h): €12
    • Half Day pass (max 3h): €8
    * All tickets and passes for the Punto de Vista Daycare will entitle the holder, when they show their purchase, to apply for two free invitations at the Festival Box Office for Descubriendo el Mundo session on Saturday 1t 11:30 at Golem Baiona while seats are available.
  • Contact:
  • Insurance and handling of personal data: The Punto de Vista festival, through the Corporación Pública de Navarra (CPEN), has CIVIL LIABILITY insurance, while the LUDOTEKA ZORIONAK has CIVIL LIABILITY and ACCIDENT insurance with the MAPFRE insurance company, to cover children during their time at the festival daycare, and all other organisations are released from such liability.
Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon
Promoted by
Gobierno de Navarra
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Con la financiación del Gobierno de España. Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales Acción Cultural Española Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia Financiado por la Unión Europea. NexGenerationEU

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