Discovering the World

A Bao A Qu proposes a cinematographic adventure in three acts that invites audiences to discover characters and places in countries very different from our own. Together with Fatima, Reza and René we'll ask questions, laugh, doubt and be excited. The session is a hymn to film and music, as well as opening up a space for reflection about our own and other people's emotions, the world of children, the adult world and our relations with nature and the city.

Length: 1h 30min.

Nan va Koutcheh (The Bread and Alley)

Abbas Kiarostami
Iran, 1970, 10 min, DCP, black and white, Persian.

In his first fictional short, Abbas Kiarostami narrates an everyday adventure. A child is going the usual way home through the streets of his neighbourhood. He has a little mission: to bring the bread home for dinner. But he comes up against an unexpected obstacle: the fear of a dog he finds in his way. Will he be able to make it?

Petite lumière (Little Light)

Alain Gomis
Senegal, 2003, 15 min, DCP, color, Wolof-French.

A journey through the inner experience of Fatima, an 8 year-old Senegalese girl who tries to understand the world. Does the light in the fridge stay on when the door is closed? Are people still there when we have our eyes closed? Through her eyes, the sounds that surround her and her sensory experiences, we witness the discovery and questioning of a world that does not always match the adult version of itself.

Rentrée des classes (Back to School)

Jacques Rozier
France, 1956, 22 min, DCP, black and white, French.

The summer holidays are coming to an end in a small village in Provence and René, who hasn't done his homework yet, asks his old friend Susu for help. When the first day of school arrives, in response to a dare by a classmate, he throws his satchel into the river. This is to be the start of a great adventure of discovery of nature. Jacques Rozier's first film is a hymn to freedom and an ode to the senses through which René sees, hears and discovers.

Discovering the World Discovering the World
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