Session 3. In search of Perfect Death

Une ombre parmi d’autres
Abdelkader Lagtaâ
Poland, 1969, 5 min, DCP, B&W, silent

Chant pour la mort des adolescents
Idriss Karim
Poland, 1973, 11 min, DCP, B&W Polish

Idriss Karim
Poland, 1969, 6 min, DCP, B&W, Polish

Si Moh, pas de chance
Moumen Smihi
France, 1971, 17 min, DCP, B&W, Arabic and French

Majid Rechiche
Morocco, 1970, 18 min, DCP, B&W, Arabic

Majid Rechiche
Morocco, 1972, 30 min, DCP, B&W, Arabic

For Forêt, shot in Aïn Leuh near Azrou, Majid Rechiche wrote a fictional script based on a true story in which a man killed his wife for a seemingly trivial reason. The film describes an individual’s alienation within a closed world. In La Septième Porte, Bouanani suggests “comparing this experiment with one that took place the same year, in Paris, thousands of kilometers from Aïn Leuh (…) Si Moh has a subtitle that would be just as appropriate for Forêt: des kilomètres de secondes à rechercher la mort exacte. It is the story of a North African looking for work. Between the compatriots he meets and an address for a job, he wanders the French capital and gets lost (...)”, like Rechiche’s protagonist, except his forest is made of concrete. We extend Bouanani’s intuition by also including Rechiche’s Al-Boraq, and three student shorts made by Moroccan filmmakers in Łódź. These six films, made around the same time in different locations, convey a sense of ominousness, a political intuition of impending doom at the height of the oppressive Years of Lead.

Session 3. In search of Perfect Death
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