Artists in focus

Artists in focus present monographic programs by artists working with the moving image that are rarely exhibited in non-fiction film festival contexts.

Tales from the land. A Grasscutter's Tale, a film by Fukuda Katsuhiko (1985)

Tales from the land.  A Grasscutter's Tale, a film by Fukuda Katsuhiko (1985)

This special session is an introduction to the work of Fukuda Katsuhiko (1943-1998). The film will be accompanied by an illustrated presentation by Ricardo Matos, showing extracts from other works by Fukuda, information about his itinerary and images from films influenced by his practice.

Freedom, is it possible? The films of Ana Poliak

Freedom, is it possible? The films of Ana Poliak

Ana Poliak (b. Buenos Aires, 1962) made three feature-length films against the circumstances. Belonging to a generation that came of age under the dictatorship, her early adult life went by amid financial and political crises, endless instability, at a time when historical memory was not institutionally guarantees as it is now in Argentina. The decades in which Poliak made her first three feature films -I say first because she still has many afternoon hours left- were years of total economic collapse, the direct legacy of the economic policy of the dictatorship, which dismantled everything public.

Three adventures by Pascale Bodet

Three adventures by Pascale Bodet

Pascale Bodet makes films. Sometimes they're documentaries. Sometimes they're fiction. The documentaries are often portraits. The fictions are, in a way, comedies with a distinctive, brusque appeal. All her films have a family air to them and, like the members of all families, they're different. It isn't a matter of repeating herself or of having a particular style, but of making films that are a new adventure every time. You have to go out and look for adventure, and what you look for may in the end prove to be something you can't really achieve: to put yourself for a moment, however, briefly, in another person's place.

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