Presque un siècle

Presque un siècle
Pascale Bodet
France, 2019, 52 min, colour, French

The film-maker portrays her grandmother, nearly a hundred years old. This is something that has gradually become almost a genre in itself, like the western or the musical: film-makers who portray their grandparents. Like in westerns, like in musicals, you have to go beyond the genre to understand what the story they are really telling us actually is. Here, for example, there is almost no past. The director's grandmother doesn't explain anything about her past life. What we see is the present of a woman nearly a hundred years old. A present made up of little movement, of cooking a little, watching television, talking to her granddaughter without wanting to listen to her, looking through the window and being visited by a friend. And this friend... Oh, it's better to say no more: you have to see the films; that's enough talking about them.

Presque un siècle
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