Session 2

Y arquitectura un sueño de palmera
Patxi Burillo
Spain, 2023, 14 min, 16 mm to digital, colour, Spanish
Producer: Sara Hernández Askasibar, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola. Director of photography: Pablo Paloma. Camera assistant: Jorge Castrillo. Live sound: Óscar Vincentelli. Sound design: Jorge Bergia, Pablo Rivas. Art director: Javier Sáez. Fixed photography: Andrea Iañez. Editor: Jaume Claret Muxart. Colour: Clara Rus

Noizko basoa
Mikele Landa
Spain, 2022, 23 min, 16 mm to digital, colour, Basque
Directors of photography: Ernesto Martinez Bucio, Mikele Landa Eiguren. Editor: Mikele Landa Eiguren. Sound: Aizpea de Atxa Cancel, Malen Nicholson Gorostiaga, Mikele Landa Eiguren, Ernesto Martinez Bucio, Xanti Salvador. Participants: Ea, Natxitua eta Bedaronako Basokideak, Haizeder eskolako haurrak. Voices: Aitziber Madariaga, Nere Muniozguren, Unai Laresgoiti, Joxe Mari Landa, Bego Aspiazu, Karmelo Landa, Kepa Legina, Eduardo Mancisidor and Mariasun Totorikaguen

There are certain images and concepts that resonate between Y arquitectura un sueño de palmera, by Patxi Burillo, and Noizko basoa, by Mikele Landa. To start with, an image: hands over the ground. In Burillo's piece the hands, four of them, trace the floor plan of a building, as if they were imagining it by touch. In Landa's film, the hands, several of them, plant trees. With hoes and boots on. Moving the earth. As if they too were imagining a forest that they don't know whether they'll ever see. Moving on to the concepts: space, time and transformation. In Burillo's film, a country chapel that over time is turned into a spa, then a museum and finally becomes a chapel again. In Landa's, a forest that stopped being a forest, but will probably become one again. They are changing landscapes with time and people passing over them. People we listen to off screen, as if in the background. As if they didn't want to draw attention away from the place, the landscape. But at the same time they talk about things as important as the names of trees and the names of people: lizar (ash), urki (birch), haritz (oak), pago (beech), elorri (hawthorn), astigar (maple), gaztainondo (chestnut), gorosti (holly), Ekhi, Paul, Maddi, Amets, Izar, Libe, Lizar, Adei. In fact, there is a little girl who says to us, "Entzun, entzun" (Listen, listen). There's also a dialogue in the very texture of the pieces: both filmed in 16 mm, with that power of film to capture time itself.

Lur Olaizola

Session 2
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