Termitas, running symmetrically to Paisaia, will show emerging or little-seen works from our immediate surroundings, by asking the filmmakers to also present materials from their work process. Its name comes from the article by Manny Farber called “White Elephant Art vs. Termite Art” (1962) where we read about those films that “seems to have no ambition towards gilt culture but are involved in a kind of squandering-beaverish endeavor that isn’t anywhere or for anything. A peculiar fact about termite tapeworm-fungus-moss art is that it goes always forward eating its own boundaries, and, likely as not, leaves nothing in its path other than the signs of eager, industrious, unkempt activity.”

Session 1

El andamio / La Bastida
Javier Calvo de Cabrera
Spain, 2022, 10 min, VHS to DCP, colour, no dialogue
Editor: Javier Calvo de Cabrera

Mal siglo haya
Luis Lechosa
Spain, 2022, 38 min, 16 mm, colour, Spanish
Director of photography and editor Luis Lechosa. Sound designer: Pablo Teijón

Session 1

Session 2

José Otero
Spain, 2021, 49 min, DCP, colour, Spanish
Editor José Otero. Script José Otero & Jesús Osorio. Music Jesús Osorio. Sound editor Genzo

Session 2

Session 3

No conozco la historia del fuego

Sara Domínguez López, Luis Morla & Alberto Ruiz
Spain, 2022, 26 min, DCP, colour, Spanish
Script Sara Domínguez López, Luis Morla & Alberto Ruiz Directors of photography Sara Monge & Álvaro de Siria. Sound Ángel Rojas. Editor Miguel Ariza

La voz rosa
Marieke Elzerman
Spain-Netherlands, 2002, 26 min, 16 mm to DCP, Spanish and French
Director of photography Artur Pol Cambrubí. Sound design Zita Leemans. Sound Tomás Florez & Isabella Salvo. Music Nikolaï Clavier / International Film Festival Rotterdam

Session 3
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