The Punto de Vista 2023 jury is composed of Ángel Santos Touza, Hama Haruka and Marcos Uzal. 


Ángel Santos Touza. Galician film-maker who has been working since 2002. He holds a degree in the History of Art and a diploma in Film Direction from the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya. He has written about film (Miradas de Cine, Blogs & Docs, Shangri-la) and co-founded Novos Cinemas, Pontevedra International Film Festival, of which he was artistic director for the first five years (2015-2019). As a teacher he has been involved in the classroom education project Cinema en Curs. He has given seminars for universities, arts centres and festivals; he has played a consulting role in project development forums for the Malaga festival, MECAS in Las Palmas and FIDBA in Buenos Aires, and has been a jury member at international festivals including FICX and FICUNAM.


Hama Haruka. A member of the Tokyo office of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (YIDFF) since 2001, she has been director of the festival since 2015. She coordinated Nexus of Borders: Ryukyu Reflections (YIDFF 2003), and the programmes for Vista de Cuba (YIDFF 2011) and Latinoamérica (YIDFF 2015). She also works for Cinematrix, a Tokyo-based film distributor, which premièred Takamine Go's feature-length film Hengyoro (Queer Fish Lane), which she also produced. She helps to coordinate national and international screenings, including curating the film programme at the 2016 Aichi Trienniale.


Marcos Uzal. Since 2020 he has edited the French magazine Cahiers du cinéma. Before this he had sat on the editorial committees of Trafic And Vertigo magazines, and written as a critic for the newspaper Libération. He has also programmed film seasons at the Musée d'Orsay, and lectured at numerous film institutions. He has also edited the "Côtés films" collection, published by Yellow Now. He has written several books for the same publisher: Vaudou de Jacques Tourneur (2006), Guy Gilles. Un cinéaste au fil de temps (2014), Jerzy Skolimowski. Signes particuliers (2013). He is the author of the short films Le Taxidermiste (1993), La Ville des chiens (1994) and Ici-Bas (1998). Since 2010 he has sat on the jury for the Prix Jean Vigo, and since 2022 for the Prix André Bazin.

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