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Sergio Oksman

Marina Díaz LópezJournalist, filmmaker and producer. Professor in Documentary Film at the ECAM in Madrid. He has directed La Esteticién (2004), Goodbye, America (2006), Notes on the Other (2009), A Story for the Modlins (2012) and O Futebol (2015). His films have been screened at over two hundred international festivals, including Sundance, San Sebastian or the New York Festival, and they have won 95 prizes, including the Best Film at the Warsaw, Karlovy Vary or Clermont Ferrand Festivals. His work has been the object of retrospectives in the United States, Russia, China, Spain and Brazil. In 2013, Oksman won a Goya Award and was a finalist at the European Film Academy (EFA) Awards. In December 2016, the Popoli Festival in Florence presented a full retrospective of his work.

Iván Pintor  

Marina Díaz LópezHe has a Doctorate in Audiovisual Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University and is a member of the CINEMA research group. He is a Professor of Contemporary Film on the UPF Audiovisual Communication Diploma course and the University Master’s Degree in Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Studies at the UPF. As a programmer, he has directed many cycles for CaixaForum, as well as the Gesture Mutations in Contemporary Film conference (UPF, 2012). He has made audiovisual pieces for museums and television, written regularly in the “Cultura/s” supplement of the La Vanguardia newspaper and has given classes at universities in Italy, Colombia and Argentina. With his writings, he has participated in over forty books, including Werner Herzog, Mirages of Forgotten Dreams (2015, Shangrila Association Texts Apart), Mad Men (2015, Errata Naturae), Endo-Apocalisse. The Walking Dead (2015, Area Blu Edizioni) and On the Edge of the Panel. Essays on Comics Criticism (2015, Cambridge Scholars). He currently combines his academic work with that of scriptwriter in feature films, such as La Substància (The Substance) (2016), directed by Lluís Galter.

Victor Candeias

María ZamoraHe has been both a producer and director of short films, documentaries and commercial videos since 1990. Some of his films have received festival awards, including the “D. Quijote” (International Federation of Film Societies) for the fiction tale, Night Story. He has a Master’s Degree in Film Studies concluded with the MultiFilm project and the thesis, A Model to Produce Multi-variant and Multi-linear Films (2011) in the field of experimental digital cinema research. He is currently studying for a PhD in the Arts (Digital Media) at KU Leuven, Belgium. Since 2002 he has been a lecturer on documentary and fiction subjects on the Lusófona University (Lisbon, Portugal) graduating course, as well as the international DocNomads - Erasmus Mundus Master in Documentary Film Directing course (since 2012), in which he is also the course director.

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