When can I collect my accreditation?
We will give you your accreditation at the Accreditation Desk in the Entrance Hall of Baluarte from 11 March from 09:30 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 19.30. Please remember that if you do not pay for your accreditation in the timescale indicated, you will have to pay a surcharge of €5 when you come to collect it.

Can I attend all the sessions of the Festival with my Professional / Student / Youth Jury Member accreditation?
Yes, you can attend all the sessions up to the capacity established for accredited persons.

What happens if, despite holding accreditation, tickets are sold out when I try to get one?
In this case, we recommend that you wait in the queue for that session to see if any free seats are left at the last minute.

How many tickets per session can I withdraw with my accreditation?
One ticket per session.

Can I withdraw all the tickets at the same time?
No, accredited persons may only withdraw tickets for sessions on that particular day (up to 30 minutes before the start of each session) and for the following day.

Do I have to withdraw my tickets in person or can I do it online?
You can choose. Online through our website or at the ticket desk in the Hall of Baluarte (from 11 to 16 March) and in the general ticket office of Baluarte in normal opening hours. Whichever option you choose, remember that you can withdrawn them between 24 hours and 30 minutes before the session.

Where can I get my tickets for sessions in other places such as Golem, Oteiza Museum, Condestable or Civivox?
For sessions outside Baluarte you can withdraw your tickets from the Festival ticket office and from Baluarte´s box office. You can also do this online at our website.

In special events that have to be paid for and/or are outside the programme, can I access them free of charge with my accreditation?
No. In this type of event accredited persons need to buy a ticket to attend. We indicate these special events in the information we issue on the Festival.

Does my accreditation allow me to attend parties and other festival events, such as cocktails for professionals or the closing party?  
We would love to be able to say ‘yes’ but unfortunately capacity is limited so this is not possible. Unless expressly stated, the cocktails for professionals and the closing party are only for people who receive a personal invitation.

What happens if I lose a ticket?
In this case, you will have to wait until 5 minutes before the sessions starts to see if there are any free seats.

As an accredited person, can I use the Punto de Vista daycare?
Of course! The daycare is designed so that all attendees can find the time to accompany us. It will be open from Wednesday 13 March to Saturday 16 March, and you can reserve a slot here.

When can I buy tickets for the sessions?
Tickets will be on sale since the end of February in the Baluarte ticket office and online. From Monday 11 March they will also be available from the Festival ticket office in the hall of Baluarte.

Can I buy tickets for all the activities of the festival?
Yes, Punto de Vista is a festival open to all audiences. You can buy as many as you like for all the sessions.

Is there an extra fee for buying tickets online?
Yes, as in all online ticket purchases: in this case, € 0.95 per ticket.

Can I vote for the Audience Award?
Yes. As an attendee you can vote for all the films in the Official Section.

How can I cast my vote for the Audience Award?
At the end of each session a QR code will be made available for you to cast your vote.

How much do the tickets cost?
Tickets for the ordinary sessions cost €3. There may be special sessions that have a different price; this is indicated in the information.

Can I return my ticket?

Can I, as a member of the public, use the Punto de Vista daycare?
Of course! The daycare is designed so that all attendees can find the time to accompany us. It will be open from Wednesday 13 March to Saturday 16 March, and you can reserve a slot here.

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