A Place of Work

Year1976 Duration31 min. DirectorMargaret Tait Production Ancona Films

The programme’s final space was also Margaret Tait’s final place. And even more of a miracle: it was also her first place. The house on the Orkney Islands where she spent her childhood was later turned into her final working place, like those turtles that always return to the place where they were born, to the mystery of science. Tait, expert in filming places before leaving them, shows us a new moving film in her farewell and memory portrait: her rooms, her studio and her garden at the beginning and at the end. The house would soon be demolished by Kirkwall local authorities and emptiness and memories remain in its place. The film is before the ruins. For the author, “more than a film that defines a place, it is a film that defines the feeling of being in one place”.

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