Age Is...

Year2012 Duration73 min. DirectorStephen Dwoskin WriterStephen Dwoskin PhotographyRachel Benitah, Stephen Dwoskin, Véronique Goël SoundPhilippe Ciompi MusicAlexander Balanescu Production Antoine Barraud, Vincent Wang, Stephen Dwoskin

Edition: Stephen Dwoskin, Tatia Shaburishvili
Associate Producers: Simon Field, Keith Girffith , Véronique Goël, Rachel Bénitah, Philippe Dijon de Monteton

Spanish premiere

Age is… is a new feature meditating on the subjective experience and cultural concepts of ageing. Here is an ode to the texture, the beauty, the singularity of aging faces and silhouettes, a hypnotic poem of long observations of very tiny details: a gesture, a pause, a look, a moment. Throughout his films intimacy has always played the leading role and this is also true for Age is…, all the faces being those of close friends, of their relatives and sometimes even of Stephen himself.


  • 2012 Locarno Film Festival (Sélection Officielle)
  • 2012 Viennale
  • 2012 Torino Film Festival (Waves)

Stephen Dwoskin

Stephen Dwoskin (1939-2012)

Stephen DwoskinStephen Dwoskin was born in 1939 in Brooklyn. He contracted polio at the age of 9 and was left disabled. After working as a photographer and graphic designer, Dwoskin shot and produced his own films, the first of these, Asleep, was awarded a prize at the Venice Biennale. In 1964, he moved to Britain on a Fulbright Fellowship and became the driving force behind an independent cinema movement (the London Film-Makers’ Cooperative). Stephen Dwoskin died on June 28th, 2012, in London.

Recent filmography:

  • Mom (2008)
  • Ascolta! (2008)
  • The Sun and the Moon (2007)
  • Oblivion (2005)
  • Another Time (2002)
  • Video letters (with Robert Kramer), 1991-2000
  • Pain is… (1997)
  • Trying to Kiss the Moon (1994)
  • Face of our Fear (1992)
  • Face Anthea (1990)
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