Year2009 Duration51 min. DirectorViera Čákanyová WriterViera Čákanyová PhotographyDalibor Fencl, Lukas Kokes, Magdalena Weigertova, Viera Čákanyová, Oldriska Sevelova EditorViera Čákanyová, Alexandra Gojdicova Production Martina Knoblochova, Martin Melichar

Spanish premiere
The main character in this film has Alzheimer’s. Instead of giving up, she stands up to it. First, she gives it a name, as if it were a stranger who has come to her life. She calls it “Alda.” Then, she devises a scheme to remember her daily routine: she will record her daily activities so that she can go back to the images when the disease gets worse. The problem emerges when the images she herself has recorded force her to face a past she does not want to accept. Or is her forgetful present that is the real problem? An intimate portrait, Alda is a metaphor of the erasure of the past in former Communist countries.

Best Director & Best editing Famufest 2009, Praga.

13th Jihlava International documentary film festival 2009, República Checa.

Viera Čákanyová

Viera Čákanyová. Born in 1980 in Bratislava. She studied Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava. She continued in her film studies later at Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague – Departement of Documentary Film. In her first years of study, she made the films Under Under Ground (2006), Červi/ Worms (2007) and Piraňa/ Piranha (2007) which were succesfully shown on several international festival of short movies. The latter one was awarded the best documentary on FAMUfest 2007 – annual festival of student films of FAMU.

Selected filmography

Update (2010)
Olda (2010)
Alda (2009)
100 days (2009)
Worms (2007)
Piranha (2007)
Under underground (2006)
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