Apuda de Shouhou / Apuda

Year2010 Duration145 min. DirectorHe Yuan

Director, script, cinematography, editing: He Yuan
Featuring: Grandfather Ni’erba, Ni’erba Apuda, Members of the Ni’erba family, Grandfather Yingzha, Villagers of Wusuwan
Naxi translation: He Jidong
English Translation and Subtitling: Dena Duijkers
Thanks: Yu Jian, Bao Jiang, Zeng Qingxin, Ito Satoru, Yi Sicheng, He Shangli, Cui Changjian, Yan Junjie, Fujiko Asako, Ji Dan, Sha Qing, Lü Bing, Zhu XiaoGuang, Colin Flahive
Special Thanks: Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences (YASS), Asian Network of Documentary Fund (AND)


  • 2011 Yunfest, Kunming (China), Award of the best film
  • 2011 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Award of Excellence
  • 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival
  • 2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • 2012 Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Asia Vision Honorable Mention

Spanish premiere

Northern Yunnan Province, China. Farmer Apuda, of the Naxi ethnic minority, lives together with his elderly and infirmed father. Amid the dim light in the darkened interior of their home, he helps him put on his clothes, light a cigarette, and get out of bed. As well as caring for his father, Apuda is kept busy tending to their fruit trees and drawing water. Occasionally one of the neighborhood elders stops by, grumbling about their own son’s lack of kindness. Observing this father and son living in a remote mountain village with a serene rhythm and rich imagery, it evokes the drama of life and death.

He Yuan

He Yuan (Lijiang, China, 1975)

He has been working at the Ethnographic Film Production Center of the Institute of Ethnography, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, since graduating from the East-Asian Institute of Visual Anthropology of Yunnan University in 2001.


  • Apuda (2010)

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