Year2010 Duration19 min. DirectorJeanne Liotta PhotographyJeanne Liotta EditorJeanne Liotta Web

International premiere
Jeanne Liotta, whose former film Observando el cielo was internationally acclaimed, filmed with her Super 8 camera the rituals of her catholic neighbors living at the Lower East Side in Manhattan during Easter. Crosswalk reveals those images and sounds and becomes a fascinating work of experimental urban Anthropology. This is genuine realism from New York.

New York Film Festival.

Jeanne Liotta

Jeanne Liotta. Filmmaker and artist born and raised in New York. She has also taught widely and variously over the last decade, including The New School for Social Research, Pratt Institute, The San Francisco Art Institute and The Museum School. She is presently Assistant Professor at The University of Colorado Boulder, as well as at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College. Her most recent body of work The Science Project encompassed a constellation of mediums at a curious intersection of art, science, and natural philosophy. Observando El Cielo (2007) was voted one of the decades’ best by The Film Society of Lincoln Center, and won the Tiger Award for Short Films at Rotterdam in 2008.
Crosswalk (2010)
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Maria Movie (2001)
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Bees and Ears (1999)
Muktikara (1999)
What Makes Day and Night (1998)
Ceci N’est Pas (1997)
Flimsy (1997)
After Bellocq (1996)
Landscape of Enchantment (1994)
Blue Moon (1988)
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