El hombre congelado

Year2014 Duration83 min. DirectorCarolina Campo PhotographyCarolina Campo EditorCarolina Campo, Ana Poliak, Juan Ignacio Fernandez SoundGerardo Castelli MusicChoir of the Trinity Sergius Lavra (RU) y Coro De Profundis (UY) Production Gerardo Castelli, Carolina Campo

Color correction: Marcos Campo
Sound post production: Francesca Crossa
Associated producers: Valentina Baracco 


2014 Visions du Réel / 2014 Split Film Festival Croacia / 2014 MiradasDoc / 2014 La Habana Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano / 2014 Festival de Cine UNASUR / 2014 Transcinema Perú (Transcinema Award) / 2014 Cinema Vérité Irán / 2014 MARFICI (Special Mention) / 2014 Festival de Montevideo / 2014 Atlantidoc Uruguay (Best Documentary Film)

A silent film in which the unexplainable need to get lost is the only announcement. Sailing on a vessel of the Uruguay Armada, a group of soldiers see their life consumed by the risk and tiredness. Their destination is the Antarctic and hence they are crossing the frozen ocean to deliver supplies to a scientific base. Their journey, often interrupted by icebergs, is long and full of danger. The final stop of the slow crossing lies in abstraction. 


  • Dulce hogar (2011)


Lobo Hombre
+ 44 07842218762

Carolina Campo


Jem CohenFounding partner of the Lobo Hombre film production company, Carolina has worked as coordinator of the ORT Documentary development laboratory and in the Audiovisual graduate programme at ORT University. In 2010, she was selected for the FONCA and the AECID Artist-in-Residence Programme for Creators from Ibero-America. She has also worked as the producer of many documentaries, such as The Flowers of my Family, Hospi and The Sun in Winter, of which she is co-writer.

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