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Year2010 Duration5 min. DirectorJuan Carrascal-Ynigo PhotographyJuan Carrascal-Ynigo EditorJuan Carrascal-Ynigo Production Trapper John Webhttp://www.trapperjohn.es/
Jorge is concerned about globalization. Jorge is concerned about transnational flows. Jorge is worried about his little pubshop “El Maná”. But Jorge, a genuine Wayúu, is not going to miss the chances caused by the new situation and he will do everything he can to make sure prosperity arrives to his hometown Jeripa.
Notodofilmfest 2010, Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva.

Juan Carrascal-Ynigo

Juan Carrascal (Valladolid, 1979) studied Sociology at the University of Salamanca and he obtained a diploma on Editing by the University of Madrid. After a successful career as a short filmmaker, he premiered his first feature film at the Seminci in Valladolid in 2008. 15/03/09. La última ofensiva was a documentary about the first left-wing government in El Salvador after the civil war. In 2007, he founded the production company TRAPPER JOHN together with two friends.
El Maná (2010)
15/03/09 La última Ofensiva (2009)
Súbete aquí y pedalea  (2009)
Típicas razones para no ir a Murcia (2009)
Las Remesas (2009)
Lo que hicimos mañana (2008)
La bolita: la verdadera historia (2008)
La bolita: el cortometraje (2008)
La noche pintaba bien  (2007)
Abuela Notición (2007)
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