Year1950 Duration11' AddressJoan Blanquer i Panadès, Ramón Bardés i Abellà WriterJoan Blanquer i Panadès
One of the cursed titles of Catalan amateur film, El nostre pa de cada dia was shot in 1950 by Joan Blanquer (script and direction) and Ramon Bardés (camera). It is a “neo-realist essay” with a light plot and heavy social denunciation. The camera follows a hungry boy in a cave area inhabited by post-war immigrants coming to Sabadell. A car of the buoyant local industrial bourgeoisie of the times triggers the drama just before the end.

Joan Blanquer i Panadès, Ramón Bardés i Abellà

Joan Blanquer i Panadès (Castellar del Vallès, 1912-Sabadell, 2002). An administrative officer by trade, Blanquer i Panadès was a filmmaker, scriptwriter, and Catalan teacher. He published several award-winning scripts for amateur films in the magazine Otro cine, published in Barcelona. He worked for the advancement of Catalan in multiple activities at cultural institutions: staged readings of contemporary plays, lectures, research into the lives of local historical characters, Catalan courses, and so on.
Ramon Bardés i Abellà (Barcelona, 1910-Sabadell, 1999). Besides an amateur filmmaker, Ramon Bardés was a writer, journalist, editor, and Catalan teacher. He wrote many theatre plays, short stories, and the novels Sense esperança (1958), La darrera primavera (1963), and Un de nosaltres: 1936-1939 (1985). He was a jury member in multiple writing competitions and the founder of Biblioteca Sabadell, a literary collection of local authors.
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