En communauté

Year2023 Duration44 min. Projection formatDCP ColourColour LanguageFrench DirectorCamille Octobre Laperche WriterCamille Octobre Laperche PhotographyThiago Ferreira Pinto EditorThiago Ferreira Pinto SoundCamille Octobre Laperche Production Beppie Films & Lyon Capitale TV FestivalsEtats généraux du film documentaire 2023, Les Ecrans documentaires 2023, Aux Ecrans du Réel 2023

International premiere


Monique, Thérèse, Marie-Noëlle, Marie-Dominique, Geneviève, Jacqueline and Annie have spent over 40 years living together in their community in St Héand, in the Loire. They are about to make a major decision...

En communauté challenges the common perception of monastic life, offering a wise, peaceful look at a group of French nuns who, far from sticking to their mystic stereotype and strict silence, use thinking and talking as their main tools for release and connection with the world. Using an approach that prioritises dialogue, the film shows how these women have learned to question, reflect and reconstruct their identity and their faith at all times, in each decision they make, in each conflict, doubt or interaction. 

It was the concept and work around this idea of community which captured the interest of French filmmaker Camille Octobre Laperche, who spent four years documenting their lives. Aware of opening its main characters up to today’s world and the complexities and commitments inherent to a shared life, this film takes each nun’s personal revelations and compares them against each other. This dialect and contrast provide the filmmaker with her specificity and value. In a subtle yet dizzying way, we understand the reasons underlying the collective decision that will completely transform their lives. 

Anna Brufau

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