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Year2010 Duration81 min. DirectorKevin Jerome Everson PhotographyKevin Jerome Everson EditorKevin Jerome Everson Production Kevin Jerome Everson, Madeleine Molyneaux

Spanish premiere

Two men draping a tattered billboard with a hip new ad. A young girl silently focusing on a candle. Two men sword-fighting. A group of workers discussing the past and present of local industry. Singers and dancers in their practice sessions. Immigrants and forms of immigration. Gestures, tasks, and living conditions in 16mm black-and-white shots. An oblique realism to tell the experiences of working-class African-Americans in the US, from south to north. Work and leisure. Gestures, routines, and special moments. This film is a reflection on the ways of living of African-American communities near lake Erie.

Best International Feature, Images Festival, Toronto Jury Prize, Best Feature, Migrating Forms Festival, NYC.

International Film Festival, Rotterdam (IFFR) 2010; Opening Night Film, Media City; Chicago Underground Film Festival; FID Marseille; REDCAT, Los Angeles; Festival Entrevues, Belfort, France.

Kevin Jerome Everson

Everson was born in Mansfield, Ohio. He has a MFA from Ohio University and a BFA from the University of Akron. With a sense of place and historical research, Kevin Jerome Everson films combine scripted and documentary moments with rich elements of formalism. The subject matter is the gestures or tasks caused by certain conditions in the lives of working class African Americans. He is currently an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. Everson has received fellowships from the Guggenheim and the Virginia Museum, and his films have screened in Sundance, Rotterdam and Toronto festivals, among others.
Selected filmography
Quality Control (2011)
The Golden Age of Fish (2008)
Cinnamon (2006)
Spicebush (2005)
Company Line (2009)
Old Cat (2009)
According To... (2007)
Pictures of Dorothy (2003)
A Week in the Hole (2001)
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