Footnotes to a House of Love

Year2007 Duration13 min. DirectorLaida Lertxundi

"A hut in the middle of the desert. Some young people enter and exit the hut, take down its doors and windows, converting it into an open space. The dichotomy between inside/outside disappears; destruction leads to creation; freedom prevails as a radiant form of life. The relationship between what we see and what remains out of view, between image and sound, is of a purely natural, organic nature: Laida Lertxundi never deceives." Javier Estrada

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Gobierno de Navarra
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Con la financiación del Gobierno de España. Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales Acción Cultural Española Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia Financiado por la Unión Europea. NexGenerationEU

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