Gui aiueo: S

Year2010 Duration56 min. DirectorGo Shibata

Original script idea: Go Shibata, Yusuke Noguchi & Ushirohiko Matsunaga
Director of Photography: Futa Takagi
Sound Recording: Jun Morino
Editing: Masaaki Takakura
Art director: Risshi Nishimura
Line Producer: Tsutomu Sakai
Planning Producer: Seiichi Tanaka
Co-producer: Toshiki Shima
Executive producer: Takashi Echigoya
Production: Aichi Prefectual Arts Promotion Service Aichi Arts Center Original Picture Work 19th


  • 2011 Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions

Spanish premiere

Shooting the Film as if playing in a Band…

Gui aiueo:S is a band.

They may not have instruments such as guitars or drums, but they use their filmmaking equipment to shoot a movie as if they were playing music together.

That’s what they do as Gui aiueo:S. Now they have gone on their first journey.

Travelling around in their van, dubbed ‘The Whale’, they record audio, shooting images and interact with the spaces and people they encounter on the journey.

This is episode Zero.

The maiden journey of Gui aiueo:S has only just begun; a journey to play the world….

Go Shibata

Go Shibata (Yokohoma, Japón, 1975)

Go ShibataHe participates in Toy Film Project, which is a project to revitalize animations and period films before the war. His film Gui Aiueo:S was produced at the request of Aichi Arts Center, and the theme of the project was to avoid falling into clichéd formats of ‘film’ and to attempt visual expression in new, borderless ways. In works such as NN-891102 (1999), Late Bloomer (2004) and Doman Seman (2000), Go Shibata has continued to direct films with a powerful yet steady skewed perspective, and this time his crew of filmmakers are taking their first steps into an unknown world with no known destination.


  • Nitro Cellulose (2013)
  • Gui Aiueo:S (2010)
  • Doman Seman (2010)
  • Late Bloomer (2004)
  • NN-891102 (1999)

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