Hello Horse! / Zirdzin, hallo!

Year2017 Duration24 min. DirectorLaila Pakalniņa

The film is about how everything changes remaining the same. One could also say – how everything remains the same by changing.

Well, naturally neither you or me have time to stand on the country road for hours, days and seasons, watching how everything changes remaining the same. Most probably we would never have found out how it is actually possible, and we would simply keep on living as we always have, if not for this film which uses with equal importance (and very much so) all the basic elements of film language - image, sound, light, movement (or more frequently non-movement), editing rhythm and pauses and all those things a man never thinks about walking along a country road.

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Gobierno de Navarra
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Con la financiación del Gobierno de España. Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales Acción Cultural Española Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia Financiado por la Unión Europea. NexGenerationEU

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