I Can Only Show You the Color

Year2014 Duration25 min. DirectorFernando Vílchez Rodríguez WriterFernando Vílchez Rodríguez EditorFernando Vílchez Rodríguez SoundClaire Camus MusicMéryll Ampe Production Rita Solf

Assistant director: Robinson Díaz
Images: Wilder Shawit, Edwin Shawit, Tito Juan, Fernando Vílchez, Cornelio, Lesly Pérez and other young people of Awajun's workshop. 
Executive Producers: Melissa Saelzer


2014 Berlin International Film Festival 2014 / 2014 FRONTEIRA Internacional Documentary & Experimental Film Festival Brasil (Honorable Mention) / 2014 Korea GFFIS (Jury Special Award) / 2014 Mar del Plata Festival Internacional de Cine / 2014 Antofadocs Chile (Special Mention) / 2014 La Habana Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano / 2014 EDOC Encuentros del Otro Cine Ecuador / 2014 Athens International Short Film Festival / 2014 Union Docs, New York / 2014 The Nightingale Cinema Chicago / 2014 Echo Park Film Center Los Angeles / 2014 El ESPEJO International Short Film Festival Colombia

Spanish premiere

An elliptic tale traces a route towards a silenced trauma, a film that tells more with what it hides that what it shows. We are in the north of Peru, on the same mountainsides as Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, and the government has betrayed its agreements with the Awajun natives, handing over their lands to a mining company. A tale of violence that includes all ingredients: chaos, lies and silence. Based on this, a filmmaker attempts to recompose the tale of what happened through complementary slides.  


  • La Calma (2011)
  • La Espera (2014)



Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez


Jem CohenHe studied Philosophy in Lima and Filmmaking in Madrid. His works are the result of  inquiries into Peruvian society based on archive material, and they been screened in London, La Habana, Karlovy Vary, Mar del Plata, Tokyo or Montreal. Both I can only show you the color (2014) and his previous short documentary, The Calm (2011), had their world premiere in the Official Selection of the Berlinale Short Films. Since 2013, he has been the Head of Programming at the Lima Independent International Film Festival.

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