I touched her legs

Year2010 Duration15 min. DirectorEva Marie Rodbro PhotographyEva Marie Rodbro EditorEva Marie Rodbro

Supported by the Dutch Art Counsil (BKVB/Mondrian)


  • 2011 Most Inventive National Film, Odense Filmfestival
  • 2011 Barbara A. Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist, Ann Arbor, USA

Spanish premiere

An extraordinary portrait of a group of Southern teens hanging out in cars, rooms, and neighborhood yards in humid pool-party weather. Rødbro creates a deft and skilful montage in which animals, insects children and adolescents all inhabit an environment easily and warmly shared. Through subtly glancing shots taken at oblique angles and in brief bursts, I Touched Her Legs reaches directly into the soul of this small band of friends and explains everything that is important without a single dull expository declaration on their circumstances.

Eva Marie Rodbro

Eva Marie RødbroEva Marie Rødbro was born 1980 in Denmark, Lives and works in Copenhagen DK. Has a BA in photography from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam NL 2005-2008. Now studies documentary directing at the National Danish Film School. Exhibited and screened internationally at numerous shows, events and festivals among others FOAM, W139, NL fotomuseum, Berlin Documentary Forum, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Fotografisk Center CPH, Peter Lav Gallery, CPH:DOX, Ann Arbor FF.


  • Orissa Children (2012)
  • Imma Treat You Like You're Mine (2012)
  • SUB (No one should ever know you are there) (2011)
  • Car Dog Beach Bell (2011)
  • Bike Slut Love (2011)
  • I Touched Her Legs (2010)
  • Fuck You Kiss Me (2008)
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