Im Lande der Basken

Year1944 Duration12 min. DirectorHerbert Brieger Production UFA

This documentary filmed in the area around Ainhoa and other border villages visits the most romantic and bucolic landscapes of the French Basque Country. Filmed by Herbert Brieger in 1944, it attempts to set down in images the mythical vision of the Basque people through the filter of Nazi propaganda. A dinner service with Basque motifs shows the use of swastikas in their decoration. The hilarri of the cemeteries will also be the centre of attention. It is framed in the efforts of filmmakers from the German regime to use villages of Europe to justify their race chants during the Second   World War.

Im Schlesierland marchieren wir! (1933)
Ewige Wache.Überführung der Toten vom 9. November 1923 in die Münchener Ehrentempel (1935)
Lander der braunen Erde (1936)
Jugend der Welt  (1936)
Front der Kameradschaft. Das Deutsche Turn- und Sportfest Breslau 1938 (1938)
Im Lande der Basken (1944)

Herbert Brieger

(1898, Jelenia Góra – 1946, Klodzko)

Member of the National Socialist Party, he was one of the most important documentary makers of the Third Reich. His filmography feeds off educational and propaganda films, designed to spread the Nazi ideology, within the typically German genre of  Kulturfilm, or  cultural film.  He worked for the German production company, Universum Film AG, UFA. Here, his works are set in the central European region of Silesia in which he praises this mountainous area, the race of its inhabitants and portrays the sporting events of its capital, Breslau. The film staging stands out in the film made alongside Carl Junghans on the Winter Games held in Bavaria in 1936.

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