In the Basque Country

Year1930 Duration40 min. DirectorMaurice Champreux WriterGaetan de Bernoville PhotographyLeon Moriz, Georges Lafont

Considered as the first film with sound shot in the Basque Country, and even as the first French speaking exterior film (1930), this is the first film in which the first Basque words are heard. More specifically, Erleak, abejas, are the first words that were pronounced in this language in the film industry. The bee was the animal that connected the world of the living with that of the dead in old Basque mythology. Through its beautiful images, the film travels around the Basque Country, from its mountains to its coast, taking care to film images that are heard for the first time. Au pays des basques is a documentary of great beauty which reveals the landscapes through song and with a film structure of association. It is a film of great interest that is sung and told to verify the birth of sound and with a backdrop of metaphysical significance, goodbye and farewell.

Maurice Champreux

(París, 1893 – Chargey-les-Gray, 1976)

Film director, scriptwriter and photography director. His most renowned projects as a director are Lucette (1924), King of the Pedal (1925) and Les Deux Gamines (1936). He worked in drama and comedy and worked  with directors, such as  Louis Feuillade taking popular literature works to the big screen.  He was the filmmaker in Barrabas (1919) and L´orpheline de Paris (1921).


Barrabas (1919)
Les Deux Gamines (1920)
Lucette (1924) (codirected with Louis Feuillade)
La Fille bien gardée (1924)
L'Orphelin de Paris (1924)
Le Stigmate (1924) (codirected with Louis Feuillade)
Le Roi de la pédale (1925)
Bibi la Purée (1925)
Après l'amour (1925)
Le récit du capitaine (1929) (codirected with Robert Beaudoin)
Les cinq sous de Lavarède (1927)
Asile de nuit (1929)
Au pays des Basques (1930)
Hardi les gars (1931)
Allô mademoiselle (1932)
Touchons du bois (1933)
Le Grand Bluff (1933)
Judex 34 (1933)
Les Deux Gamines (1936)

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