Letters to Max

Year2014 Duration103 min. DirectorEric Baudelaire PhotographyEric Baudelaire EditorEric Baudelaire, Laure Vermeersch SoundJuliette Navis CastMaxim Gvinjia, Sergueï Agumaa, Sipa Labakhua, Bagrat Gvinjia, Ludmila Gvinjia, Astanda Gitsba, Arsana Gvinjia, Arsou Gvinjia, Rusto Agrba y Batal Tarkil Production Poulet-Malassis

Consulting editor: Stéphane Elmadjian
Sound editing and mixing: Jean Holtzmann Julien Bonvicini
Artistic collaboration: Leon Colm
Laure Vermeersch Juliette Navis Sergueï Agumaa


2014 FID Marseille / 2014 TIFF Toronto International Film Festival / 2014 Indie Festival Sao Paolo / 2014 Kaunus International Film Festival / 2014 New York Film Festival / 2014 London BFI Film Festival / 2014 Jihlava International Film Festival República Checa / 2014 CPH:DOX / 2014 Filmmaker Festival Milano / 2014 Gijón Film Festival / 2014 Entrevues Belfort Francia / 2014 Porto-Post-Doc Portugal (Grand Prix) / 2014 Rotterdam International Film Festival / 2014 DocLisboa (Prix Spécial du Jury) / 2014 RIDM Montréal (Prix du Montage)

Abkhazia is a kind of paradox: a country that exists in the physical sense of the word:, a territory with borders, a government, a flag and its own language.  But at the same time, it lacks legal existence as it was not recognised by any other nation for its first 20 years. Therefore, Abkhazia exists without existing, trapped in a space between realities. The filmmaker decides to send letters to this ghost place without including via Georgia on the address – the former nation to which it belonged. Only the Republic of Abkhazia appears on the envelope and, like a bottle thrown into the sea, the letters mysteriously start to arrive and are answered giving rise to an epistolary film on the impossible. 


  • The ugly one (2013)
  • L’Anabase de May et Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi et 27 années sans images (2011)
  • The makes (2011)
  • [SIC] (2009)


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Tel: +44 (0)20 7503 3980

Eric Baudelaire


Jem Cohen

Eric Baudelaire is a French artist and filmmaker. His first feature, The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years Without Images (2011) retraced the revolutionary wanderings of the Japanese Red Army between Beirut and Tokyo. It premiered at FIDMarseille and won the Special Jury Prize at DocLisboa. The Ugly One (2013), which premiered at Locarno, was his first narrative feature. Also made in collaboration with underground filmmaker and former Red Army militant Masao Adachi, the film extended, through fiction, questions of resistance and regret raised in The Anabasis... Baudelaire’s research-based practice also includes photography, printmaking and publications which have been shown in installations alongside his films in solo exhibitions at Bétonsalon in Paris, the Bergen Kunsthall, the Beirut Art Center, Gasworks in London, the Taipei Biennial 2012, and Berlin Documentary Forum 2.

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