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Year2010 Duration90 min. DirectorPatricio Guzmán WriterPatricio Guzmán PhotographyKatell Djian EditorPatricio Guzmán, Ewa Lankiewicz, Emmanuell Joly Production Renate Sachse
A film about the distance from sky to earth, between the light of the cosmos and human beings, and their mysterious comings and goings. In Chile, 3,000 metres above sea level, astronomers hailing from all over the world gather in the Atacama desert to watch faraway stars. Here, the atmosphere is so translucent you can even see the ends of the universe. Down below, the desert’s lack of humidity helps keep human remains intact: mummies, explorers, adventurers, aboriginal people, miners, and the skeletons of political prisoners captured by the military government. While the astronomers look for life in outer space, a group of women turn over the soil in search of their missing relatives. After years of documentary work, its poetic and political culmination is now before us.
Awards and festivals
François Chalais Award (Special Mention), Cannes Film Festival 2010; Best Documentary, Abu Dhabi Film Festival; Best Documentary, Biarritz Film Festival; Best Documentary, European Cinema Awards, 2010.

Patricio Guzmán

Patricio Guzmán was born in Santiago de Chile in 1941. In 1973, he shot The Battle of Chile, a five-hour documentary on Allende and the coup d’état which toppled him, considered as “one of the ten best political films in the world” by Cineaste Magazine. His latest film, Nostalgia for the light, was shot between 2006 and 2010, along with five short films on time, the cosmos, and history. Guzmán teaches Documentary Filmmaking in Europe and Latin America and is the President of the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival (FIDOCS). He lives in France.
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