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Year2009 Duration13 min. DirectorSergio Oksman WriterCarlos Muguiro, Sergio Oksman Production Marlo Madueño, Samuel Martínez
The day they buried Ernest Hemingway, July 7, 1961, one of his most famous impersonators was seen in the San Fermín festival in Pamplona. A strange appearance, a sign that the famed writer would live forever in the form of so many people who impersonated him. Nowadays, dozens of “Hemingways” compete in the annual Hemingway-look-alike contest held in Key West, Florida, showing that they are determined to be the “true Hemingway after Hemingway’s death.” But why do they want to be another person? The film’s director drew inspiration from one the writer’s first visits to Pamplona, back in 1924, when Hemingway himself also “wanted to be a different man.” Shot during the Sanfermines in 2008, in Key West, and in Hemingway’s house in Ketchum, Idaho (where he killed himself), this movie features Pío Guerendiáin, a persevering, methodical photographer that has been taking pictures of the bull encierros from the same corner for over 50 years. With a notebook structure, the film records the corner of Mercaderes and Estafeta Streets, the place the American writer is said to have fulfilled his wish in 1924.

Sergio Oksman

Sergio Oksman was born in Brazil in 1970. He studied Journalism in São Paulo, Brazil and Filmmaking in New York. Most of his basically non-fiction films have been shot in Brazil and the Iberian Peninsula. He says it feels “strange” when they describe him as “a filmmaker” and continues to consider himself a “curious journalist who likes to snoop around and take a look behind the curtain.”
Goodbye, America (2007)
Gilberto Gil: un ministro en directo (2006)
Mariza, meu fado (2005)
La Esteticién (2004)
Gaudí en la favela (2002)
Pelé – el partido del siglo (1999)
Irmãos de Navio (1996)
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