Year2014 Duration17' AddressJoan Antúnez WriterJoan Antúnez, Mikel Blasco, Diana Montenegro, Mariana Bastos PhotographyMikel Blasco, Joan Antúnez EditorJoan Antúnez SoundDiana Montenegro MusicAlan Nakawaga Production Mariana Bastos

Sound design: Diana Montenegro, Joan Antúnez
Color: Carlos Muñoz
Executive Producers: Máster en Teoría y Práctica del Documental Creativo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – UAB) y RTVE

Worldwide premiere

In OUT, a film shot during a professional tennis tournament in Barcelona, the stars are those who are behind the court lines, almost invisible to the television. The result is a film of elimination, of images that are also OUT but which serve to tell the story of the same match but from an unusual angle. Tennis without tennis players.

Joan Antúnez


Jem Cohen

Born in 1984 in Barcelona, Spain. Sound technician graduated at MK3 Barcelona with an Audiovisual Production degree at C.P.Villar Barcelona. He has worked for more than 6 years in dubbing studios like Sonoblok, Molinare and International SoundStudio. Also, he worked at some advertising agencies as production assitant. During many years, he has created short film pieces that rounds on the experimentation of film as language. By mid 2014, he graduated from the Master in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary (UAB).


  • OUT (2014) 


Máster en Teoría y Práctica del Documental Creativo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - UAB
Joan Antúnez
(34) 607 875 784 

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