Sniegs / Snow Crazy

Year2012 Duration34 min. DirectorLaila Pakalnina WriterLaila Pakalniņa PhotographyUldis Cekulis, Valdis Celmiņš, Krišs Roziņš, Uldis Jancis EditorKrišs Roziņš, Gatis Belogrudovs SoundAnrijs Krenbergs Production Uldis Cekulis. VFS Films

Supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia, State Culture Capital Foundation, Riga City Council Department of Culture, Latvian Television


  • 2012 Visions du Reel (Nyon)
  • 2012 Vilnius Documentary Film Festival (Lithuania)
  • 2012 Kaunas International Film Festival (Lithuania)
  • 2012 Nordic Film Days, Lubeck (Germany)
  • 2012 Listapad Film Festival (Belarus)
  • 2012 Filmmakers film festival (Italy)

Spanish Premiere

There is a popular Latvian folksong which begins with the phrase “I was singing out high on a mountain”. The irony of it is that according to physical geography there are no mountains in Latvia. So what exactly is the place where the Latvians are “singing out”? It may be safely said that it’s the same place where they are skiing. That’s how we make mountains out of molehills...Snow-covered mountains, to be sure.

Laila Pakalnina

Laila Pakalnina (Liepaja, Latvia, 1962)

Laila Pakalnina1986 graduated from the Moscow University, Department of TV Journalism. 1991 graduated from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK), Department of Film Direction. Director and scriptwriter of 21 documentaries, 5 shorts, 4 fiction features. So she has 30 films, 2 children, 1 husband, 1 dog, 1 bicycle. And many ideas for new films.

Filmography (documentaries)

  • Snow Crazy (Sniegs) (2012)
  • 33 Animals of Santa Claus (33 zvēri Ziemassvētki vecītim (2011)
  • On Rubiks’ Road (Pa Rubika ceļu) (2010)
  • Three Men and Fish Pond (Par dzimtenīti) (2008)
  • Theodore (Teodors) (2006)
  • Dream Land (Leiputrija) (2004)
  • The Bus (Autobuss) (2004)
  • It’ll Be Fine (Būs labi) (2004)
  • Martins (Mārtiņš) (2002)
  • Papa Gena (Papa Gena) (2001)
  • Wake up (Mostieties) (2000)
  • The Oak (Ozols) (1997)
  • Ubans (Ubāns) (1995)
  • The Mail (Pasts) (1995)
  • The Ferry (Prāmis) (1994)
  • The Church (Baznīca) (1993)
  • The Pilgrimage (Iešana) (1991)
  • The Linen (Veļa) (1991)
  • The Dome (Doms) (1991)
  • The Choice (Izvēle) (1990)
  • And (Un) (1988)

Contact details

VFS Films, Lapu 17, Riga, LV 1002

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