South to North

Year2014 Duration110 min. DirectorAntoine Boutet PhotographyAntoine Boutet EditorAntoine Boutet SoundAntoine Boutet MusicAndy Moor, Yannis Kyriakides

Sound editing: Alexandre Hecker
Mixing: Christophe Vingtrinier


2014 Locarno / 2014 FIFF Namur Bélgica / 2014 Sarajevo Pravo Ljudski Film Festival / 2014 Entrevues Belfort Francia / 2014 Watch Docs Human Rights in Films Varsovia / 2015 DocPoint Helsinki 

Spanish premiere

The world’s largest water crossing project, the Nan Shui Bei Diao, is the core of this film that crosses China from south to north like travelling across an enormous open wound. An epic film that alternates the interview with observation, the tense camera sequences in which government delegates intimidate the protestors, with untypical images of the result of a geographical transformation that tends towards megalomania: cement creates a landscape of science fiction that leaves green in the memory, taking rivers to invented courses and turns deserts into beautiful forests. The filmmaker wonders about the implications of the colossal project for the inhabitants, whilst its course is taken back to the conflictive epicentre in Tibet. 


  • Le plein pays (2009) 
  • Zone of initial dilution (2006)


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Antoine Boutet


Jem Cohen

French filmmaker and a visual artist. His videos and installations could be seen in numerous art galleries and museums for more than ten years. Through his films, Antoine Boutet offers us a new take on his work. Zone of initial dilution (2006), a film on the Three Gorges Dam in China, Le plein pays (2009), a portrait of a hermit in France, have received awards at film festivals such as FIDMarseille, Visions du Réel y Punto de Vista.  

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