Two Islands

Year2013 Duration6 min. DirectorJan Ijäs WriterJan Ijäs PhotographyJan Ijäs, Cristian Manzutto EditorOkku Nuutilainen SoundSvante Colérus MusicVilunki 3000 CastMorgan Devereaux Voice overMorgan Devereaux Production Jan Ijäs


2013 5th Off and Free Film Festival, Seoul (Korea) / 2013 59th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, AV-arkki market screening, Oberhausen (Germany) / 2013 26. European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck (Germany) /2013 12th Tribeca Film Festival, Short film competition, New York / 2013 Alternative Audio Visual Event, Helsinki (Finland) / 2013 10th IndieLisboa - Lisbon International Independent Film Festival, International competition (Portugal) / 2013 Tampere Film Festival, International & National competition (Finland) / 2013 43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Staten Island and Hart Island are two islands in New York which round off the ISLANDS programme. The two small islands talk of the end. The former was the Big Apple’s dump for a long time, earning it the record as the biggest landfill on the planet. The second is and has always been the place where the nameless dead people of the Big Apple who have nobody to claim them end their days, a kind of cemetery for nobodies. Jan Ijäs tells us the tale of both islands in a whisper, the only way of telling the big city’s dark secret.

Jan Ijäs

(Jväskylä, Finland, 1975)

Jem CohenFilm director and audiovisual artist. He works with still and moving images in fiction and in documentaries, on stories with a strong social commitment. His films are often screened in galleries, rather than in cinemas, accompanied by other images and texts. He has participated in over 100 international film festivals and art galleries. He lives in Helsinki.



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Two Islands (2013)

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