Valparaíso 2011. Observaciones de un turista

Year2012 Duration49 min. DirectorRubén García López WriterRubén García López EditorRubén García López

World premiere

In May 2011, several sectors of the Chilean society made their voices heard, giving rise to the largest social protest in the history of the country’s democracy. This film is set out to answer two questions: What is a demonstration like and how can you record it in film? And what is a demonstration like in Valparaíso, Chile, in 2011 and how can you record it in film?

Rubén García López

Rubén García López

Rubén García LópezBorn in Santander in 1978. In 2002 he dropped out of Music School to take his first steps in film as both a film critic and a filmmaker. He has published reviews in several journals and, in 2007, he launched his blog, Marginalia. He has made 14 films on his own so far. They are marginal films, made with poor quality borrowed cameras, somewhere between experimental movies and filmed diaries.


  • “Te fuiste, dejándome sin mí” (2012)
  • Valparaíso, 2011. Observaciones de un turista (2012)
  • Fin de verano (2011)
  • Crónicas chilenas (2011)
  • Construcción (2011)
  • Madrid-Santander-Villar (Diario I, 2010) (2011)
  • Recuerdos de una exposición (2009)
  • Dink (improvisación nº2) (2008)
  • A Andy Warhol (improvisación) (2008)
  • Los últimos días de Alejandro Dalbes (2008)
  • Fantasy (2006)
  • Jeanna Fine/Jewel De´Nyle (2004)
  • Espacio II (2002)
  • Espacio I. Infancia (2002)
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