Ideology of the Festival

  • To Punto de Vista, a documentary is a meeting point.

    The term documentary refers to the subjective relationship we establish as spectators with a specific audiovisual object. The documentary is, therefore, a meeting place.

  • Punto de Vista is a space where encounters occur at different levels, in an innovative, groundbreaking spirit.

    The International Documentary Film Festival of Navarre, Punto de Vista, is a meeting place on several different levels. Firstly, it is a space for audiences, filmmakers and theorists to relate and interact around the documentary genre and all trans-frontier manifestations and heterodoxies of non-fiction. Secondly, it is a spatial and temporal meeting space. Punto de Vista aims increasingly to become a place where documentary film from all around the world can converge. But it also strives to offer a space for dialogue between the past and future of documentary film. A space where the most diverse traditions in non-fictional film can embrace the most daring and innovative proposals. Punto de Vista, therefore, sees itself as a dialogic space where all these encounters can occur with an ambitious and innovative determination.

  • Punto de Vista focuses on those filmmakers who take risks and make bold statements with their work, always on the quest.

    One of the fundamental aims of the Festival is to attend to audiovisual creators who turn their work into a daring proposal, a kind of search or quest; those who conceive their work as a process of knowing and understanding human beings and their living conditions in specific social contexts; authors who, through their work, reflect on reality and the ethical relationship formed with both the subjects of their formal proposals and their audiences. The Festival aims to be a stopover for filmmakers that will broaden their perception of reality and the ways in which they express it and conceive it through the audiovisual medium. Ultimately, the Festival is open to all documentary films that represent a reflection and an endeavour to understand reality.

  • Punto de Vista appreciates filmmakers' moral commitment to the subjects in their films and the audiences that watch them.

    For Punto de Vista, the essential ethical commitment of the documentary maker to reality passes through the triangular relationship established with the subjects of the works and the audiences through the audiovisual medium.

  • The Official Selection of Punto de Vista encourages the understanding of reality and the independent forms of expression.

    Through its different sections, but especially through its international competition, Punto de Vista raises awareness of films that understand non-fiction as a truly independent and socially necessary means of expression.

  • Punto de Vista is a celebration of documentary cinema.

    Finally, the aim of the Festival is to foster encounters between filmmakers and audiences through the proposal of shared knowledge represented by their films. The Festival will attempt, at the same time, to spark debate and theoretical reflection. The Festival is a celebration of documentary film and non-fiction in general.

Ideology of the Festival
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